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Better your life with Better Brain Services, LLC

Counseling Services

Counseling can equip you with the support and life skills you need to live your best life.


I help clients identify and understand their challenges, set goals, and develop new and improved life skills to reach them. My approach to counseling is eclectic and personalized to each individual. That being said, I emphasize cognitive-behavioral therapy in order to change client’s perspectives and behavior. I also believe in helping clients understand how to take control of their brain in order to take control of their lives. My goal is to help children, teens, and adults live happy, healthy, and balanced lives by reaching their full potential in all life areas.

Areas of Specialization Include:

Depression and Anxiety
Substance Abuse/Dependence
Grief and Loss
Eating Disorders / Weight Management
Relationship Problems
Behavior Management
Career Coaching
Anger Management
Parent Coaching 

GLBT Issues / Transition
Life Skills Training
Social Skills Training

Phone and text counseling sessions

Phone or text counseling sessions are easy, confidential ways to work through short or long-term problems. Whether you need guidance on a particular situation or need to work on stress management day to day, these convenient sessions can give you the support and structure you need to come up with solutions and successfully implement them. Get the expertise of a highly qualified professional from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere you find yourself.



Plans: For $30 a week, you can talk to your therapist once per day via text. For $40 a week, you can have up to two check-ins per day. Add on a weekly or monthly “live” text session for $50 each. These services are priced competitively with other national service providers. 7 Cups charges $150 a month and Betterhelp costs $280 per month.